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Planning Your Day: The Why and How

Hosted by
Mark 'Ski' Struczewski
September 18th | 11:00 am CDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Why You Should Plan

Before you can learn the how, you have to understand why planning is an integral part of your productivity.

Mistakes People Make When Planning

Are you making these mistakes as you plan your days? There's a good chance you're making at one least of them.

Your Questions Answered Live!

At the end of the training, I will answer as many questions as I can live. This alone is worth the price of the training!

The Keys to Planning

Planning is not about throwing stuff onto your calendar and hoping for the best. Hope is not a strategy. Learn strategies that will make your plan sing.

Planning: Electronic or Paper?

Does it matter if you plan on your phone calendar or your planner? The answer to this question may shock you.

Someone Will Win a Month of Coaching with Me

As a thank you for attending, I select ONE person who stays all the way until the very end to win one month of coaching (four 45-minute sessions) with me. Will you win?


About Mark Struczewski

Mark Struczewski is a productivity and optimum performance expert. He works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them gain control of their time by taming distractions so they can experience less overwhelm, feel a sense of freedom and enjoy their lives. His podcast, “The Mark Struczewski Podcast“ debuted on July 7, 2017. Its focus is teaching people how to perform at an optimum level.

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September 18th
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